Freshman Scholarships

It's important to recognize those incoming freshmen with excellent academic records and outstanding promise.  At Tuskegee University, we do this by offering a limited number of renewable merit scholarships.  There is no separate scholarship application.  All students are considered for these opportunities on the basis of their admissions applications and supporting documentation (e.g. official high school transcripts, etc.). 

Our merit-based scholarship awards range from $5,000 to the full cost of attendance per year.  Please note The Alabama Incentive Grant is ONLY for qualified Alabama residents. 

Academic Scholarship/Grants for Incoming Freshmen 2019-2020

Distinguished Presidential 3.7 1390 30 Full tuition, room/board, and $800 books 3.5/30
University Merit 3.5 1250 26 Full tuition + $800 books 3.2/30
University Achievement 3.3 1180 23 $10,000 3.0/30
Tuskegee University Grant 3.1 1000 21 $5,000 3.0/30
Alabama Incentive Grant 2.8 1000 21 $5,000 + housing 3.0/30

Merit Based Scholarship and Grant Policies

  • Scholarship and grant funds awarded, once combined with Federal Student Aid and any external awards cannot exceed the total cost of attendance.
  • If your Federal Student Aid Report (SAR) reveals that you are eligible for Federal Grant Aid, your institutional scholarship and grant awards will be adjusted.
  • Scholarship and Grant awards DO NOT cover the University's non-refundable pre-enrollment/matriculation fee.
  • Recipients of the aforementioned University merit scholarships and grants must meet the cumulative college grade point average and completed credit hours for EACH academic year to maintain the award.
  • Scholarships and grants that are revoked cannot be reinstated.
  • Scholarships and grants are subject to availability of University funds and the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • The University reserves the right to revoke any scholarship and grant awards for students whose final cumulative high school grade point average and standardized test score(s) fall below the scholarship requirement.

Important Dates and Deadlines