Intellectual Property Transfer Committee

Tuskegee University, as an institute of higher learning, has one of its primary functions to continue to search for new knowledge in all fields in which the university community is active.  The University views research by its faculty and within its own community as an important path to the discovery of knowledge and its definition in forms most useful to the University and the community it serves.  The university recognizes creativity of its faculty, staff and students in research, teaching, and service, as well as in all other areas of intellectual pursuit.  Within the scope of its mission, priorties, objectives and resources, the university seeks to strenghten and improve its capacity to educate its students and contribute to society.

Members College/Department Telephone Numbers
Teshome Yehualaeshet, Chair  Veterinary Medicine 334-727-8107
Deloris Alexander College of Agricutural  334-724-4550
Juanita Roberts Library 334-727-8894
Cassandra Thomas College of Business 334-727-8587
Henry Findlay Comtinuing Education 334-
Michael Curry College of Arts and Sciences 334-724-4489
Cynthia Wilson, Community Member Commiunity Member 334-

* Ex-Offico- Felecia Moss Grant Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 

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