Tuskegee University Research Council 

The Research Council function as the advisory body with responsibility for recommending policies to increase extramural funds. For funding opportunities in which only a limited number of proposal submissions is allowed, an additional pre-submission process will be led by the Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs, in collaboration with the Director, OSP, to ensure that only the requisite number of proposals are submitted.

Members Area
Shaik Jeelani, Chair Research & Graduate Studies
Felecia M. Grant, Secretary Research & Graduate Studies 
Conrad Bonsi College of Agricutural, Environment & Nutrion Sciences
Gwendolyn Gray School of Nursing & Allied Health
Danette Hall Office of Sponsored Programs
Henry Findlay School of Education
Mahesh Hosur College of Engineering
Vijay Rangari Biosafety Committee
Ayman Sayegh College of Vetrinary Medicine
Joel Wao Architecture & Construction Science
Fan Wu College of Business and Information Science
Clayton Yates College of Arts and Sciences