Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)

Location: Kenney Hall, Rm 44-328  |  Phone: 334-727-8985  |  Fax: 334-724-4881  |  Email:

The Tuskegee University Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is primarliy responsible for commercializing the innovation generated by TU faculty, staff and students, either through licenses to industry partners. 

Tuskegee University, as an institute of higher learning, has one of its primary functions to continue to search for new knowledge in all fields in which the university community is active.  The University views research by its faculty and within its own community as an important path to the discovery of knowledge and its definition in forms most useful to the University and the community it serves.  The university recognizes creativity of its faculty, staff and students in research, teaching, and service, as well as in all other areas of intellectual pursuit.  Within the scope of its mission, priorities, objectives and resources, the university seeks to strengthen and improve its capacity to educate its students and contribute to society.   

Tuskegee University OTT Process

The Office of Technology Transfer aims for efficiency and expediency in handling your inventions and innovative new ideas.
Below are the steps our office takes to help you begin the journey to protecting your intellectual property. 

Step 1
File Disclosure
Step 2
Present Invention
Step 3
Send Disclosure

File Disclosure image

arrow pointing to the right

Present Invention image

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Send Disclosure image

File an invention disclosure application.
This is the first step in letting us know
what your idea or invention is all about.

Disclosure Application


Present your invention to the Intellectual
Property Committee
During this
presentation you will pitch your
idea/invention to the committee,
attempting to convince them why
TU should pursue patent protection.


The legal team will file your disclosure
with the 
United States Patent and
Trademark Office (USPTO).


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