Tuskegee University Staff Senate

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Staff Senate


The purpose of the Staff Senate is to serve as the legislative body to develop and recommend policies to the University staff not covered by labor union contracts. During intervals between meetings of the staff as a whole, it shall jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to staff affairs and policies of the University that fall within the province of the staff. It has a major role in formulation of legislation that falls within the following areas:

  • Adjudicating staff matters
  • Developing and recommending policies governing appointments, status and promoting of staff, working conditions, and fringe benefits
  • Reviewing periodically the effectiveness of the total staff personnel program
  • To assist in the communication of issues and activities affecting staff members
  • Actively promotes and facilitates staff participation in the University community.

Meeting Time

The Staff Senate meets on the third Thursday of every month in the Russell Nursery, Room 6A (next to Chambliss Hall- band building) from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.


2018-2019 Tuskegee University Staff Senate Officers/Members:

Danette Hall, chair of Staff Senate
Staff Senate Chair
  • Danette Hall, Chair
  • Dawn Calhoun, Vice Chair
  • Jasmine N. Bibb, Secretary
  • Odessa Berry Agalaba, Assistant Secretary
  • Shirley F. Brown, Treasurer
  • Naquitha Bowen-Tarver, Assistant Treasurer
  • William A. Hodge, Parliamentarian
  • Kimberly Ceaser
  • Ollie Green
  • Constanza Hoffman
  • Vanessa Lee
  • Abena Myers-Taylor
  • JaNeen Roberts
  • NaTasha Staples
  • Donna Washington
  • Edna Woodson
  • HR Director, Ex-Officio



The Standing Committees of the Senate are:

a. Executive Committee

The committee shall consist of the President of the University, or in his absence a person named by the President, or, in his absence a person named by the President; the officers of the Senate, and the chairmen of the standing committees of the Senate. The presiding officer shall be the Chairmen of the Senate.

It shall prepare the agenda for the Senate meetings; assign or refer the business of the Senate to appropriate committees for consideration and report; recommend abolition, alternation or creation of abolition, alteration or creation of Senate committees and generally expedite all work of the Senate. It shall prepare an operating budget for the Senate,  which shall be forwarded to the administration.

b. Staff Personnel Committee

This committee shall concern itself primarily with  policy matters and guidelines for administrative implementation pertaining to: appointments, status and promotion of staff,  working conditions, and fringe benefits. Member shall include the Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs.

c. Personnel Development Committee

This committee shall concern itself primarily with policy matters and guidelines relating to workshops, short courses, institutes, and other activities designed to upgrade of performance of members of the staff.

d. Newsletter Committee

This committee shall concern itself primarily with the development  of a newsletter. The newsletter should provide information about personnel currently employed at the University.

Contact the Staff Senate

Danette Hall, Chair
Phone: 334-727-8233

Dawn Calhoun, Vice-Chair
Phone: 334-727-8322