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Strategic Plan

Overarching Pillars

Strategic pillars are the primary areas of focus that define the organization’s high-level strategy, break down the mission and vision into action, and focus energy on desired results. The following key strategic pillars have been identified through the planning and data collection activities as key organization-wide issues for the University to consider in developing the strategic plan.

Student group standing at the BTW monument     Three female students wearing graduation caps and holding diploma     Students attending a career fair inside the arena
Student Experience      Academic Excellence      Operational & Organizational Efficiency

Tuskegee has identified key performance metrics for increasing student enrollment, student retention, and graduation rates. Improving student engagement is developed through an emphasis on student “customer service” – ensuring that students have attractive and environmentally safe living accommodations and classrooms for learning – and delivering diversified learning opportunities.

Tuskegee’s mission is to advance knowledge, leadership and service through teaching, research, and outreach programs. Continuously evaluating and enhancing the academic programs that are offered will prepare students to compete and be leaders in the global community. This goal will be achieved through the delivery of highly marketable programs, more online and distance education programs, multi-disciplinary teaching, and an expansion of graduate-level programs.


Pursuing and achieving operational excellence is the foundation for completing the goals, objectives and initiatives identified in the strategic plan. Operational excellence for Tuskegee is achieved by improving internal processes and operations and upgrading campus facilities and infrastructure.