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Student Complaints and Appeals

PURPOSE: This page was developed to assist current and prospective students of Tuskegee University in submitting complaints and appeals and to direct them to the most effective venue for accurate information and resolution.

DIRECTIONS: Select the option that best relates to your concern/complaint: Click on A, B, or C below or email

A. My complaint involves one of the following B. APPEALS C. OTHER
  • Academic Advising 
  • Admissions & Enrollment Management
  • Financial Aid 
  • Housing & Residence Life and Development 
  • Student Judicial 
  • Transfer Credits
  • Academic Grade 
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Academic Reinstatement 
  • Academic Suspension & Probation Appeals 
  • Parking Appeals
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • Library Fines
  • Student Judicial Appeals
  • Online Reporting
  • Gender Based Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment (including sexual violence)

Quick Links

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