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Financial Aid Appeals

A student not meeting satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements has the option to appeal his/her suspension of financial aid. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate any appeal. Academic reinstatement by the university registrar or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions does not constitute reinstatement of federal aid eligibility. Neither paying for your own classes nor sitting out for an enrollment period is sufficient to re-establish eligibility for Title IV aid.

Appeals are reviewed based on a documentable extenuating circumstances impacting academic performance. Extenuating circumstances are considered to be past events that are no longer barriers to academic progress. The appeal application should support how the student is now in a position to be academically successful. Examples of extenuating circumstances to be considered for appeal:

  • Serious illness or injury to student or immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child) that required extended recovery time
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Significant trauma in student’s life that impaired the student’s emotional and/or physical health
  • Withdrawal due to military service
  • Second degree, double major, change of major (maximum timeframe only)
  • Other unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the student

Note: Circumstances related to the typical adjustment to college life, such as working while attending school, financial issues related to paying bills, and car maintenance/travel to campus are not considered as extenuating for purposes of appealing suspension of financial aid.

To initiate a financial aid appeal, complete the Appeal Application and submit it along with any appropriate documentation to the chairperson of the Financial Aid Appeals Committee for consideration using one of the following methods:

  • By mail: Tompkins Hall, Room 500, 1200 West Montgomery Road, Tuskegee, AL  36088
  • By fax: (334) 724-4949
  • By email:

 To Request Aid Consideration For                   Appeal Priority Date                                                 
 Spring 2020  12/11/2019
 Summer 2019   5/20/2019
 Fall 2019  6/28/2019

Appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee and all decisions of the committee are final. Students are strongly encouraged to appeal within 15 days of notification of suspension to allow adequate time for processing and review. Appeals submitted after the priority date for the term will not be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee until after the first day of classes for the term. Appeals submitted and approved after a term has begun will have the effective term determined on a case-by-case basis.

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