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Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA Crest

Mission Statement: The Student Government Association is a collection of students who advocate and represent the student body at large. The Association encourages the advancement of, and provides the means for, responsible student participation in campus affairs that promote the three principles of the University: knowledge, leadership, and service. The Student Government Association is dedicated to preserving the University's rich traditions, while innovately establishing new trajectories for the students. 

Officers for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Cedric Davis

Lauryn Johnson
SGA President 2021-2022

Samuel Lewis

Samuel Lewis
SGA Vice President 2021-2022

Jai'Lynn Young

Jai'Lynn Young
SGA Events Coordinator 2021-2022

Lakebra Murchison

Lakebra Murchison
SGA Treasurer 2021-2022

Raynald Brown

Raynald Brown
SGA Judicial Advisor 2021-2022

Jalen Spain

Jalen Spain
SGA Chief of Staff 2021-2022

Arkaysia Hampton

Arkaysia Hampton
SGA Secretary 2021-2022

Parris Clayton

Parris Clayton
SGA Director of Marketing &
Communications 2021-2022

Alex Jones

Alex Jones
SGA Election Commissioner

Trinity Moore

Trinity Moore
Miss SGA 2021-2022

Travis Waddy

Travis Waddy
Mister SGA 2021-2022


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Get Involved in Student Government!

Ways to Get Involved

The Student Government Association has several committees that 
students can sign up for:

  • Treasury Committee- Contact: Lakebra Murchison

  • Events Committee- Contact: Lai'Lynn Young

  • Elections Committee- Contact: Alex Jones

  • Health Committee- Contact: Trinity Moore & Travis Waddy

  • Community Service Committee- Contact: Jalen Spain

If you want to be involved in University Affairs, please email the
respective committee chairperson.

Student Events and Academic Calendar

CLICK HERE to see what's going on - on campus.
CLICK HERE to view the Academic Calendar.

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