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Student Government Association (SGA)

Officers for the 2019-20 Academic Year

Micah Grey
Micah Grey
SGA President 2019-20      
Malik Fowler
Malik Fowler
SGA Vice Pres. 2019-20     
Joseph Bannerman
Joseph Bannerman
SGA Judicial Advisor 2019-20
Cedric Davis
Cedric Davis
SGA Treasurer 2019-20     
T'Kiya Tolen
T'Kiya Tolen
SGA Events Coordin. 2019-20

Officers for the 2018-19 Academic Year

Kieauna Strickland, SGA President 2018-2019
SGA President 2018-2019
is a Junior majoring in Biology/Pre-Health 
from Roanoke, AL
Micah Grey, SGA Vice President 2018-2019
SGA Vice President 2018-2019
is a Sophomore majoring in Biology/Pre-Med
from Birmingham, AL
Malik Fowler, SGA Judicial Advisor 2018-2019
SGA Judicial Advisor 2018-2019
is a Sophomore majoring in Political Science
from Chicago, IL
Wethned Mertilien, SGA Treasurer 2018-2019
SGA Treasurer 2018-2019
is a Junior majoring in Accounting
from Miami Dade County, FL
Alyssa Jasmine Walker, SGA Events Coordinator 2018-2019
SGA Events Coordinator 2018-2019
is a Junior majoring in Construction Mgt
from Pensacola, FL
Johanna Erin Dixon, SGA Executive Secretary 2018-2019
SGA Executive Secretary 2018-2019
is a Senior majoring in Sales & Marketing
from Atlanta, GA
Nadia Kizzee, SGA Chief of STaff 2018-2019
SGA Chief of Staff 2018-2019
is a Senior majoring in Health Science
from Houston, TX
Melody Nicole Wilson, SGA Director of Marketing and Communications 2018-2019
SGA Director of
Marketing & Communications 2018-2019

is a Junior majoring in Sales & Marketing
from Birmingham, AL
Alexis Jomelle Johnson, Miss SGA 2018-2019
Miss SGA 2018-2019
is a Junior majoring in Biology Pre-Medicine
from Birmingham, AL
Kerry Jones, Mr. SGA 2018-2019
Mr SGA 2018-2019
is a Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering
from Chicago, IL
TiJon Frazier , SGA Elections Commissioner 2018-2019
SGA Elections Commissioner 2018-2019
is a Senior majoring in Business Administration
from Los Angeles, CA


Get Involved in Student Government

Mission Statement

The Student Government Association is a collection of students who advocate and represent the student body at large. The Association encourages the advancement of, and provides the means for, responsible student participation in campus affairs that promote the three principles of the University: knowledge, leadership, and service. The Student Government Association is dedicated to preserving the University’s rich traditions, while innovatively establishing new trajectories for the students.

Ways to Get Involved

The Student Government Association has several committees that students can sign up for:

  • Treasury Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Health Committee
  • Community Service Committee
  • Campus Digest Committee
  • Tiger Press Committee

If you want to be involved in University Affairs, please email the respective committee chairperson.

Student Calendar of Events

CLICK HERE to see what is going on, on campus.

Golden Tiger Connect

Tiger PAWS

  • Sign up in the SGA Office

Student Complaints

Student Handbook