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Office of the Dean of Students and Judicial Affairs

Tuskegee University is student-centered, and therefore, students are at the heart of all operations. We are committed to making your Tuskegee University experience exciting, challenging and wholesome.

The Office of the Dean of Students and Judicial Affairs at Tuskegee University directs its efforts toward promoting student academic success, student personal and professional development, and enhancing the quality of campus life. The Division develops, implements and manages programs, services and activities that ensure the development of competencies that complement the academic mission of the University. 

Dean of Students

Judicial Affairs Officer

Tameka Harper
Tameka Angola Harper, MPA
Phone: 727-8421

Kimberly Ceaser
Kimberly Ceaser
Phone: 727-8422

Events Supported by this Office

  • Parents' (Family) Weekend and Parent(s) of the Year Nomination
  • President's Essay Contest  

Judicial Affairs/Conduct

Student Assistance

Student Support

Online Resources

Academic Services

 For High School Students