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Trademarks and Licensing

Tuskegee University owns and protects its identifying trademarks. For additional information regarding the use of Tuskegee University trademarks, licensing procedures, contact OCPRM at 334-724-4649 or reference the Licensing and Trademarks section of the Visual Identity and Communications Policies Manual.

Tuskegee University considers its visual brand to be a symbol of excellence in academics, research, outreach, business, the arts and athletics. As such, our brand is a valuable element of the university’s overall intellectual property portfolio that our team is committed to managing, regulating and protecting. By partnering with our office, university employees, alumni and friends can help ensure licensed merchandise best represents Tuskegee, that Tuskegee’s brand image is used consistently and appropriately, and that vital revenues from the sale of university-branded merchandise is retained by the university to benefit its programs and activities.

Tuskegee University owns and protects its identifying trademarks, with the assistance of IMG College Licensing. Outside vendors and university units alike must adhere to trademark and licensing guidelines when ordering or producing products that bear trademarked and/or copyrighted marks. In accordance with university policy and applicable trademark laws, companies or organizations (including university units) wishing to use any Tuskegee University name, trademark, symbol, slogan, song or motto that is associated with or owned by the university must receive prior approval from the Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing.

All vendors who manufacture items imprinted with Tuskegee University trademarks (for retail and/or bulk distribution to the public or by university units) are required to be licensed. This includes, but is not limited to, apparel, specialty merchandise, office supplies, and stationery/business cards. University units and related entities (i.e., alumni association, student organizations, auxiliary groups, etc.) are required to verify the licensing status of their preferred vendor anytime a trademarked asset is involved. 

The first step in understanding the scope of the university’s brand and licensing efforts is to download and review our visual identity and policies guide — “One University. One Brand.” — and review trademark and licensing policies online at